Laboratory Services include Stat and Routine Blood Draws!!!


24 Hour Service

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Wellness Support

We know that your medical needs don't stop when office hours are over. Using our helpline and our email service, you can get a message to our health team when it is convenient for you.

Wellness Support

A Healthy Community

Wellness Support

Our team will support you in building a healthier you. No matter what your health needs are, having team support you will keep you on the path to meeting them. We work together to connect you with the services you need.

A Healthy Community

A Healthy Community

A Healthy Community

When you choose us, you join a community. We work not just with you but with other members of our community to build a network of people working together for a healthier world. 

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Event Requests

Mobile Phlebotomy Services

A Healthy Community

Excel Mobile Phlebotomy can handle all your phlebotomy events. Whether you need blood draws for a few patients or large multi-location events to draw hundreds of draws, we are able to manage your needs.


  • (1) Portal Managed Full Event Services
  • (2) Years of Experience in Managing Phlebotomy Services
  • (3) Dedicated Account Manager for your Event
  • (4) Trained and Certified Staff
  • (5) Excel eliminates all specimen mix-ups and Labeling Errors with Barcode Labels
  • (6) Specimen Handling (Centrifuge, Temperate Requirements, Shipping, etc.


Clinical Trials

Mobile Phlebotomy Services

Mobile Phlebotomy Services

Excel Mobile Phlebotomy supports and encourages the drive for clinical trials and studies in different aspects related to blood specimens. We are equipped with the latest and cutting-edge tools to offer the top quality phlebotomy services in the industry for various clinical research needs. We have a team of highly trained and certified phlebotomists to perform blood draws. We here at Excel in mobile phlebotomy services. We have the right tools and infrastructure to help healthcare organizations for clinical trials with our onsite blood draw services. Whether the participants prefer visiting the lab center or they prefer the lab to visit them for blood draws, Excel Mobile Phlebotomy is equipped for both.

With an active unit of highly trained medical professionals including certified phlebotomists, expert pathologists, registered nurses, and medical doctors; Excel Mobile Phlebotomy can serve in multiple clinical settings. We never arbitrate on the quality and maintain the same level of excellence wherever the clients need us.

Call us today and let’s discuss the need for mobile phlebotomy services and how we can aid you in clinical trials and research.

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Mobile Phlebotomy Services

Mobile Phlebotomy Services

Mobile Phlebotomy Services

Your time and convenience are important priorities. Our services eliminate the hassle, and often the challenge, of scheduling and arranging for your blood draws. We have tailored our services to fit the need of the home-bound senior, the busy executive, as well as the fragile pediatric patient.

Excel Mobile Phlebotomy continues to grow nationally with our thousands of satisfied patients. We provide Mobile Phlebotomy Services in California.

Call us today and let’s discuss your needs for Mobile Phlebotomy Services.


Kit Draws

Medical Courier Services

Medical Courier Services

Excel Mobile Phlebotomy offers mobile phlebotomy services for some of the most popular kits available for at-home preventative health testing.

Some of the specialty kits we offer for mobile kit draws include:

  • Boston Heart
  • Spectra Cell
  • Cleveland Heart
  • ALCAT Cell Sciences

A mobile phlebotomist from Excel can come to your home or office and complete the kit draw you need and send it off for processing for a fixed service fee, which includes shipping.

Mobile kit draws from Excel make this type of testing easy and convenient, and our phlebotomist is experienced in the best collection methods to ensure accurate test results.

Contact Excel Mobile Phlebotomy for mobile kit draws in Los Angeles, CA.


Medical Courier Services

Medical Courier Services

Medical Courier Services

Excel Mobile Phlebotomy offers medical courier services in Los Angeles, Riverside, and Orange County.

Specimens, such as stool, urine, and sputum, are picked up from your home or place of business and delivered to your laboratory of choice in a timely manner. If you don’t have a preferred laboratory, VeniExpress can recommend a reputable laboratory in your area with good turnaround times.

We provide our medical couriers with the equipment needed to maintain specimen integrity.

We offer competitive rates. Contact us for reliable medical courier services in Los Angeles California.


DNA Collections

Medical Courier Services

DNA Collections

Mobile Paternity Testing

If you are in need of mobile paternity testing in Southern California, Excel Mobile 

Phlebotomy can provide DNA collection for a chain of custody or non-chain of custody tests. Chain of custody test results will hold up in a court of law.

Mobile Ethnicity Testing

We offer mobile specimen collection for the purpose of ethnicity testing in  Los Angeles California. 

If you need to have your DNA tested to prove tribal ethnicity, or if you are just curious about your heritage, we can come to you for DNA collection that will provide you with the most accurate results possible.

We offer competitive rates for DNA kits and handle all of the processing for you, making it simple and convenient to get accurate results.

Specimen collection services


Mobile Drug and Alcohol Services

Excel Mobile Phlebotomy offers mobile drug and alcohol collection services throughout the los Angeles, CA metro area.  We offer Random, Post-Accident, Reasonable Suspicion, and For Cause testing.  We are available on nights and weekends. Excel Mobile Phlebotomy is one of a few mobile collection services in the state of California.

Autologous Serum Tears Collections

Autologous serum eye drops are eye drops that can be made from the patient’s own blood and plasma. The components in serum tears contain growth factors, nutrients, and vitamins that are typically missing when the eye is very dry. These nutrients also promote the health of the cells on the ocular surface. Since they are produced from the patient’s own blood, these drops are inherently non-allergenic and do not cause an issue of burning or stinging upon instillation. These eye drops are created by drawing the patient’s blood and allowing the blood cells and serum to separate. This serum is then diluted with preservative-free saline and then packaged in individual containers. Because these eye drops are preservative-free, they should be stored in the freezer until use.

Paramedical Examinations


What is a paramedical exam?

Once you've submitted your insurance application, the insurer will schedule a paramedical exam. It will be performed by an independent third party and paid for by the insurance company. A paramedical exam is quite similar to a physical checkup. It should only take about 30 minutes. Most technicians used by disability insurers even make house calls.

During the exam, the technician will:

  • Take your height, weight, and body mass index.
  • Check your pulse and blood pressure.
  • Draw blood and request a urine sample to check for certain conditions.
  • Ask questions about your personal health and lifestyle.

Your answers here will be used to confirm the health information you provided in your application. They could also reveal other medical concerns that affect your risk level. This portion will probably sound familiar these are the same questions you ask your patients. They will include:

  • Family medical history.
  • Pre-existing conditions.
  • Medications you’re taking.
  • Alcohol and tobacco usage.

During this Q&A session, your honesty is key. Stretching the truth now could impact your ability to receive benefits later.

Post-Op/Home-Bound Patients

We specialize in providing you with a unique approach to mobile phlebotomy by drawing the specimen in the convenience of the patients' facility or Home. Our team of experts helps eliminate the hassle of getting to the lab and provide fast turn around times for lab tests.