Laboratory Services include Stat and Routine Blood Draws!!!

The Team

Excel Mobile Phlebotomy is based out of Los Angeles, CA. and has one simple mission, connect the best phlebotomist or medical assistant to your organization. When healthcare companies contract Excel Mobile Phlebotomy, we listen closely to what your needs are in a medical professional and dispatch that mobile specimen collector to the location you designate. Using our mobile phlebotomy service is not just for convenience, If you are severely ill, elderly or physically challenged, it's a necessity.  Excel Mobile Phlebotomy Services comes right to your door providing you with our safe, friendly and professional services in the convenience and privacy of your home, office or facility. 

Sheila Hunter Phlebotomist CPT1

Phlebotomy, Medical Assistant and Surgical Tech Certifications at John's CBD College and specializes in Mobile Phlebotomy. Her passion is in helping people that can not go into the lab to get their blood drawn.  

Sam, MD, General Medicine

Sam attended the University of Texas for her Medical Degree and completed her residency in Minneapolis! She enjoys the wide array of illness and injury general medicine involves. 

About Us


At Excel Mobile Phlebotomy, we treat even the smallest members of your family! From infancy to 18, we're here for examination, diagnosis, treatment and ongoing wellness for your children. 

General Health

Not feeling well or just need an annual exam? We do it all! We also perform sports physicals and referrals for injuries. Whether you're sick or only need some routine maintenance, we're here for you!

OBGYN and Family Planning

Women's health is important to us. If you're starting a family or maintaining your overall health, our OBGYN is available for all your women's health needs. Same-day appointments are available!

Who Uses Mobile Phlebotomy Services?


High-Profile Patients

Busy Workers

Even if indeed they aren’t signed up for a wellbeing program, some staff tend too busy to produce a visit to a clinic or testing middle for necessary bloodwork. If you are extremely swamped constantly with your task or other duties, creating a phlebotomist come for you may be the service you will need to be sure to remain healthy and productive.

Parents of Small Children

When you have kids, you understand how difficult it could be to have them… Well, everywhere! Finding childcare or carting your kids along to a laboratory or clinic might be an excessive amount of a headache. Having someone come for you for required testing or for when you wish to find out more on your wellbeing can be considered a lifesaver when small children are in the picture. 

High-Profile Patients

Some individuals might not exactly have the ability to visit a lab or clinic due to the attention it might grab. You might be a politician, celebrity or acting professional, radio personality, or professional sportsman. If this is actually the circumstance, you’re probably better off keeping yourself the trouble of venturing out in an exceedingly open public space and instead of getting the tests implemented in the personal privacy of your house. 

Privacy Lovers

You don’t need to be famous to want just a little privacy as it pertains to your wellbeing health care. Many people would just favor their medical care done in a far more comfortable preparing without strangers present. If this is more your swiftness, finding a mobile phlebotomist will be a great decision. 


Whether in a medical home, hospice, or just struggling to leave their house, seniors patients can greatly take advantage of the capability of mobile phlebotomy services. These folks often need more repeated testing and journeys to a healthcare facility or testing center can be exhausting or even impossible depending on the condition. 

People who have Severe Illnesses

Sometimes a sickness may completely eliminate your capability to even reach a testing center or medical center for regular assessment, or possibly your health problems require frequent excursions that become tiring or difficult to acquire transportation to. Tumor, diabetes, pulmonary edema, and severe flat iron deficiencies are simply several conditions that may warrant essentially for mobile phlebotomy services.